Tips & Tricks for Class 12 Board Exams 2016 (Intermediate)

Class 12 Board Exams Tips & Tricks

How can you prepare for class 12th {Intermediate} board examinations. These tips are mostly useful for science stream. If you are preparing for competitive examinations simultaneously. Here you can get answer for balancing board and competitive exams. I will give you tips for subject wise.

Tips & Tricks for Class 12 Board Exams 2016 (Intermediate)

If you start with English, from my experience i will suggest you go through the each and every chapter and read properly. Questions inside the chapter are most important. Board straight away choose from the back exercise and exercise with in the chapter. Just go through the chapter of the questions in a separate note book.  Maintain a notebook. Right all the questions. Right your answer and then You must check with you english teacher and again write the same can't repeat the mistake in the examination.

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Write all questions and answer and check with your teacher.

In the board examinations, where the marks will be deducted in english are spelling mistakes, sentence formation. All marks deducted in the two things only.

Time management is most important. If you are asked to write in 125 words-finish in 125 words, dont go for 250 words. Manage your time to make the answer simple and save the time.

Go through the news paper daily to increase your fast reading habit.
Wait age of comprehensive passage increased. So, one should have quick reading.

How to get more marks in Class 12th Chemistry
Please follow NCERT. All questions comes from the book, especially organic chemistry. Just go through each and every chapter. Make a seperate notebook. Take it from your seniors. Keep writing the important notes. The name of the compounds, name of the organic chemistry. For inorganic for P block or D block.. you need to mug again and again. Keep in your mind. Polymers and bio molecules are easy chapters. Very scoring chapters.

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How to get more marks in Class 12th Physics
In last year examinations, all questions came from NCERT. Follow back side exercise questions. If you are preparing simultaneouly for competitive examinations, you will not face any problem with numerical examinations. You MUST do as you like.

How to get more marks in Class 12th Maths
Do NCERT. If you are not comfortable with NCERT, follow self reading with auditions. Before examinations you should complete NCERT FIVE times atleast. The chapters of Integral Calculus, Probability.. These are the chapters, where the students loose the marks. Determination to  the some extent. Thats not an issue. Auditions part 1 is necessary. Computers .. notes is must. Author SL Roda has many errors, dont follow it. Don't read Indian authors. Ask your seniors.

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