SSC Board Exam Tips and Tricks {2016}… How to get above 95 Marks

SSC Board Exam Tips and Tricks {2016}

SSC Board examination preparation tips for all state boards includes AP, Telangana, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Rajasthan. Here we have explained how to get above 95 marks in SSC Board Exams. This is a crucial  time you need to plan accordingly. First of all we need to start with Mathematics.

SSC Board Exam Tips and Tricks {2016}... How to get above 95 Marks

Mathematics tips and Tricks
1. In maths you need to start Aljebra and Geometry in a seperate book. That will help you at the last movement
2. You need to refer formulaes daily atleast once.
3. You need to follow the waitage of the chapters

1. You need to study biology first and then chemistry and then physics
2. For biology practicing diagrams are must
3. You have to incorporate as many as diagrams in your answer for science
4. Practicing numericals are must
5. For chemistry you need to practice equations
6. Science should not take lightly, which can give you 95% marks

Social Sciences
1. Refer to extra questions
2. For history, you need to remember an important dates
3. For  example, when the world ward took place, where the world war took place
4. For geography, you need to remember maps
5. For political science, dont take it easy

CBSE 10th Results 2016

Languages {English, Marathi & Hindi}
1. Marathi and Hindi have same study patterns
2. You have to practice spellings in languages. Students miss the marks in spelling mistakes
3. English has deep grammar base. Being a english medium student you should strictly check.
4. Take the language paper seriously
5. Grammar being an important point
6. Practice grammer along with passages
7. You should not leave the passage writing. If you loose it really wrong
8. First you should read the passages. Accompany with situation and attempt the question. It is very very necessary.

Who scores above 95 Marks?
If you target 90%, you cant reach 95 marks. Scoring about 95 marks is a dream for students.

the 95 above scorers concetrates on presentation and other skills too. They have strength in all answers for Geography. They have good in every language answer. You have to follow Triple 8 Mantra for this.

1. You have to study 8 hours
2. You have to sleep 8 hours
3. You should have 8 hours for leisure

Telangana 10th Results

Never under estimate the board. If you want to score above 95 marks. You should familiar with all text books.

Note: Several states are conducting board exams like AP SSC Exams, Telangana SSC Exams, UP Board Exams, Maharashtra SSC Board Exams, WB Board exams.
The above tips and tricks are usefull for all other examinations includes 12th class.