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What are the Dates and Schedule for Assembly Elections Haryana?

Election Commission of Haryana is soon going hold the 2014 assembly elections in the state. While it is time for the political parties and the candidates to gear up for the campaigning, on the other hand, the voters must gear up with the voter id card and other formalities required to cast a vote and elect the worthy candidates. Therefore, here are the Haryana election 2014 dates and schedule, so that you can set your clocks and get ready to vote and elect the right people to run the state assembly.

Dates and Schedule for Assembly Elections Haryana 2014

Although the complete schedule could be seen on the CEO Haryana official website, here is all the information about the dates of assembly elections in Haryana: –

  • Issue of Gazette Notification- Saturday, 20th September 2014
  • Nomination Filing deadline(The last day on which a candidate could file his/her nomination)- Saturday, 27th September 2014
  • Nominations Scrutiny(Checking for legit and valid nominations)- Monday, 29th September 2014
  • Last day on which candidature could be withdrawn(The last day on which the candidates are allowed to withdraw their nomination)- Wednesday, 1st October 2014
  • Date of poll(the main election day when the Haryana people have to cast their votes)- Wednesday, 15th October 2014
  • Date of counting(The day of verdict)- Sunday, 19th October 2014
  • Deadline for the completion/concluding of election- Wednesday, 22nd October 2014

Are you Ready With Your Voter ID Card Haryana?

If you are still not registered as a voter in Haryana, do not have your name in the voter list and have not received your voter id card due to that, then, you would not be able to vote in the assembly elections this October. So here is how you can register as a voter online in Haryana. Please note that even if you do not receive your voter id card Haryana but have your name in the voter list of your constituency in this state, then, chances are that you would still be allowed to cast your vote by presenting your voter slip or other valid identity proof. But without your name in the electoral roll, you just cannot be allowed to cast a vote.

To get your name in the voter list, you have to fill the election commission of India form no. 6. This could be filled online on the CEO Haryana official website or on the ECI official website.

To register online on the CEO website of Haryana, just type www.ceoharyana.nic.in on the address bar of your internet browser. Once you reach the home page, the following options would be available for you to use: –

  • Haryana Vidhan Sabha Elections 2014(Click this option on the homepage for all the information on dates and schedule for Assembly elections 2014).
  • Check Your Name in the Voter List(You can search for your name in the Haryana voter list before applying for inclusion of name).
  • Know your BLOs(Booth level officers can offer great help and guide you about voter registration).
  • Online Voter Registration(Click this option to become a voter online in Haryana).
  • Public Grievances(Have complaints? file here)
  • Forms download for voter registration(Want to apply offline but need the right form to print? This link on the website would help)
  • Track your application(check your application status online)
  • Voter Details through SMS(Know your details in the voter list by texting your voter id card number on the provided number).

What are the dates and schedule for Haryana assembly elections 2014

Once you click the ‘Online Voter Registration’ option, the next page would also require you to click on a link that says, ‘Click to register online’. Click the same and you would land on a citizen services page from ECI website that asks you whether you want to login as a citizen or an officer. Check the ‘citizen’ option and hit ‘login’. If you are already registered, enter your username plus password and click ‘login’. Otherwise, click on ‘New User Registration’. Once you complete the registration process(if it is open) then you can use the created username & password to login and access the form no. 6 online version.

Once you have filled the online form and uploaded the passport sized photograph too, you would receive a unique application id which could be used to track your application status on the CEO Haryana website. This would help you know whether your name would show up in the voter list Haryana before the assembly election date or not.

Check Your Name in Haryana Voter List

You can also check your name in the voter list 2014 Haryana if you have already applied for voter registration in the past. This can be done in two simple ways.

Method 1

Visit CEO Haryana website and click on the option, ‘Check your name in the voter list’. Two options would appear on the next page. One is ‘search by voter details‘ and the other, ‘search by voter id‘. If you choose to search by voter id, then just click the second option. You would then need to enter just the voter id card number and the servers would search your name in the voter list of the concerned constituency in Haryana. This way, you can ensure that your name is present in the roll, for you to cast your vote on the assembly election date.

Method 2

You can search your voter id details in Haryana by sending a simple SMS. Just type, VOTERHRY<space>’Your voter id card number‘ and send it to 9954699899

This SMS once sent, would bring back a reply text from the CEO Haryana mobile servers. This reply text would have all your voter information(if present) in the Haryana voter list of your constituency. All these steps would help you ensure your voting right for the assembly elections 2014 in Haryana and hence make your opinion count for the betterment of this state.

Hence, no matter whether you are from Gurgaon or Rohtak, a voter id card and the voter list of your constituency are important implements during the assembly elections. Therefore, all the formalities related to these two must be completed in advance by all the serious voters. Voting is a very important duty that must be completed by all the dutiful and concerned citizens of the state in order help it reach much greater heights in terms of both economic and social development.



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Detailed Guide To CEO Bihar Website

Bihar, India’s third-most populous state after Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra occupies an important position in the early history of India. For centuries it was the principal seat of imperial powers and the main focus of Indian culture and civilization. The derivation of the name Bihar from the Sanskrit vihara (Buddhist monastery) reflects the prominence of such communities in the region in ancient times. It located in the eastern part of India. It is bounded by Nepal to the north and by the Indian states of West Bengal to the northeast and Uttar Pradesh to the west.

In November 2000 the new state ofJharkhand was created from Bihar’s southern provinces and now forms the state’s southern and southeastern borders. The capital of Bihar is Patna.

What is CEO Bihar?

The CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) of Bihar  is a person who works under the overall supervision and control of the Election Commission of India.

A CEO conducts a number of duties pre and post elections. It updates all the voting guidelines on its website. It maximizes the EPIC coverage, ensures that all the polling stations are equipped with ramps and notified before elections. It also makes a note of the voter’s list and that proper photo identity cards are issued to the public in order to avoid any malpractices during elections.

CEO Bihar Website

The website of CEO Bihar is http://ceobihar.nic.in/

  • The CEO Bihar website has primarily been made to provide adequate and relevant information about the office of the Chief Electoral Officer and improve communication between the electors of Bihar and the department of elections in Bihar
  • The website also provides various important Forms in-order to download and obtain voter ID card, make necessary changes and cancel your name from the voters list.
  • It also has various sections such as to download election related data, procedure, overseas electors, Lok Sabha general election and assembly elections-2014

Along with these facilities the portal is responsible to handle all kinds of election related works like to provide the candidates list of various parties, to provide the winning and losing party result through online website in state for all areas. Portal also has a section to let you know about EVM (Electronic Voting Machine). In the election results you can get all the results for assembly wise, lok sabha wise, council wise and Rajya Sabha wise on the basis of per year.

How to Get A Voter ID Card Online in Bihar

  • In order to get a Voter ID Card in Bihar you need to visit its official website-http://ceobihar.nic.in
  • On the right hand top corner, click on the “citizen services/ online registration”. It’ll land you on this page-
  • The page will be in hindi, you can fill in the necessary details such as name, mobile number, email id and register yourself with CEO Bihar.
  • You get a pin on your phone which you need to enter on the registration page
  • You can now Select form 6 and fill all the required information for new electoral registration

You have to attach a residence proof and age proof. Attach all the copies of your document in attested mode. Affix your passport size photo and submit your registration. You can also take the printout of it and submit it by offline mode.

CEO Bihar Detailed Guide

Electoral Roll Bihar

Your name is a must in the Electoral Roll of the constituency in order to allow you to vote. You can search your name in the electoral roll of Bihar by following the given steps:

1)   Search In E-Roll via SMS

To check if your name is included in the electoral list vis sms you can follow the given steps

Type ELE <space> 10 digit <Voter Id No.> & sent to 56677

2)   To Search In Pdf Format

You can visit this link in order to check the electoral roll of bihar in pdf format


Enter your assembly segment, part number and click on ‘view’.


3)  To Check In E-Roll

To check your name in the voter’s list bihar in E-roll visit the following link


Choose your district name, enter your details in the next page and click on ‘show’

Deletion/Modification of Details in Electoral Roll

Obtain A Certified Entry Of Electoral Roll

After the publication of Rolls you can obtain a copy of the certified entry by approaching the ERO concerned. You will be required to deposit some money and thereafter the ERO will issue the required certificate.

Please note: You cannot have names at two places (Assembly Constituency or in the State) so please get your name deleted before adding it at a new address.

To Delete A Name From The Electoral Roll

In case you want to delete any name from the electoral roll you need to fill this form

People usually delete names when your name has been entered in two different electoral rolls or if somebody has expired and their name has to be removed

Modifications/ changes

In case you want to make any modifications/ changes, you may fill this form

How to get a Voter ID Card in Bihar By Overseas Voter

Although there is no provision for postal ballot yet in India, a person has to be present in India in-order to Vote on the day of Elections. An overseas elector can include his name in the Electoral Roll Of bihar in the following ways:

He can visit this page and fill in form 6A in hindi

Or he can Fill in form 6A in english here

Form 6 is for people residing in India to include their name in the Electoral Roll and Form 6A is for Overseas Voter. They have to attach their residence proof, age proof, a passport size photo and submit the form online or through somebody at the Electors office.

Bihar Voter List 2014

The number of Districts in bihar is 38, and the Loksabha seats are 40 and RajyaSabha seats are 16, the number of assembly constituency is 243. The total population of Bihar state is 103,804,637.
The people of Bihar who are 18 year on or before 1st of January 2014 are eligible to vote. If you are new voter and your name is not on the voter list, then you should enroll with your name, photo and age to add your name in the revised voter list 2014 for the LokSabha election 2014 or Chief Minister election in Bihar.

The Voter list Bihar district has been published officially online.
If you wish to check your name in the voter list of Bihar, then you must be a resident of Bihar state.
People should check their names in the voter list of Bihar state to get eligible. If the name of any person is not in the voter list, then he will not be  able to cast vote. So, you are advised to check name in the voter list 2014 before the elections.

If you want to check the voter list of Bihar then you can easily check it online from the official website of Bihar CEO.

The official website to check the Bihar voter list 2014 is ceobihar.nic.in. You can download the PDF of voter list 2014 of your area as well.

Here is also a detailed guide for you to check the status of your Voter ID Card:



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How to Become a Voter in 6 Simple Steps? Pune, Maharashtra

Pune is one of the most happening cities in Maharashtra. A hub for educational institutions, this city is indeed a modern example of changing times in India. From top class eateries to high level colleges, Pune is growing at a sky-rocketing pace. What is then the duty of the people living in Pune? Their duty is to cast their vote in the coming assembly elections and elect a government that is capable of good and honest administration in the state. Pune has a large chunk of young citizens and as we all know the possibilities of a young mind. Therefore we dedicate this article to help the youth voters or citizens of Pune with some quick help on voter id card registration.

ow to become a voter in pune Maharashtra in 6 simple steps

6 Simple Steps to Become a Voter in Pune, Maharashtra

Thanks to the internet, almost everything in our world has become fast track. Hence, how could voter id card registration stay behind? Yes, you can now become a voter in Pune, Maharashtra at a click of a button. All you need to do is, follow the following simple steps.


Visit ceo.maharahstra.g0v.in which is the official website for the state of Maharashtra. On this website you can not only apply for a new voter id card in Pune but also perform tasks like: –

  • Check name in the voter list 2014 of Pune or any other city of Maharashtra.
  • Check the status of your filled application form.
  • Gather information about your designated BLO, ERO etc.
  • Locate your polling booth.
  • Apply for corrections to your voter id card details.
  • Apply for transposition of your entry to the voter list.
  • Apply for objection to an entry to voters’ list.

And what not..


On the homepage of this CEO website, you would see a task bar that has an option that reads ‘Online Voter Registration‘. Just click this option. You would then see a host of online forms which are available to be filled online on the website. These forms are: –

  • Form 6
  • Form 6A
  • Form 7
  • Form 8
  • Form 8A

You have to click on the first option i.e Form 6. This form is especially for the citizens who wish to get their names in the voter list of their respective constituencies in Maharashtra. Form 6A is just like the form no. 6 but for the NRI voters. Form No. 7 on the other hand is an application for objection to any entry into the voters list. You can fill it to remove the name of  a deceased parent or any other family member. You can raise an objection to any entry to the voter list provided you have a valid reason and proof to validate the objection.

Form no. 8 is for voters who want to correct their details entered in the voter list 2014 Pune. A misspelled name, wrongly mentioned address, age or any other field that requires correction could be corrected by filling this form online. Form No. 8A is required to be filled for the transposition of your entry into the voter list within the same constituency. If you instead want to change your address to a different assembly constituency then you have to re-fill the form no. 6 only.

Having proper knowledge of all these election commission of India forms is essential if you wish to become a successful voter in Pune or any other city of Maharashtra and cast your vote in the coming assembly elections.


After clicking form no. 6, you would be taken to the election commission of India website’s registration page. Here you have to select Maharashtra as your state and enter your valid mobile number and e-mail id. After entering these 3 fields, you can click ‘proceed‘. Then you would receive a verification code on your mobile number as well as on your e-mail id. Just enter this verification code in the section which appears after clicking proceed. You would then be taken to the form no. 6 online. You would also receive your username and password. You can use these to login on the election commission website and complete your application in multiple attempts.


Fill in all the parts of the online form and upload your passport size photograph. This photograph must be clear enough since this would appear on your voter id card Pune.

STEP 5[Not Mandatory]

Upload the documents required to prove your age, date of birth and residence address. Even if you are unable to scan and upload these, you can present these to the BLO who visits your place for verification of your identity after the application has been successfully completed.


After all the fields and parts of the online form no. 6 have been filled, you can click ‘submit‘. Now you would be given a unique application id. You must note down his id for future reference.

List of Documents to be Attached With Form No. 6 for Pune Voter Registration

No matter whether you fill form no. 6 online or offline to become a voter in Pune, Maharashtra, this list of documents is required in both the cases: –

  • Age Proof Documents- Birth Certificate issued by the civic authority of Pune.
  • Date of Birth Proof- Class 10th or equivalent mark sheet issued by recognized board of education.
  • Residence Proof- Bank Statement or Kisan passbook or ration card along with one more address proof like driving licence/letter sent by a govt. organization with the applicant as the recipient.

How to Check Voter ID Card Application Status in Pune?

It is very important to keep yourself updated with the voter id card application status in Pune, once you have filled your application form completely. To check this status online, you again have to visit ceo.maharashtra.gov,in On the homepage, you would be able to see a section called ‘citizens’ corner’. In this section you would be able to find 2 links, namely: –

  • Status of new forms: – Part-wise search
  • Status of new forms: – Name-wise search

You can click any of these links to check the status of your form application to become a voter in Pune. You would need to provide information like :-

Name-wise search

  • District
  • Assembly
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name

Part-wise search

  • District
  • AC
  • Part
  • Form type
  • Date of filling

After entering the above information, you would be able to view the stage at which your application for inclusion of name to Pune voter list has reached. It would also help you stay informed in case your application is rejected for any reason. This would help you act swiftly and re-apply as soon as possible and that too without the mistakes being repeated.



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Detailed Guide On Voter ID Card For NRI

Voter’s ID card is not only important in allowing you to cast your vote it also acts as a valid identity proof. This card is issued by the Chief Election Commission and distributed by booth level officers once the voter applies for the same.

A person not only residing in India but an Indian citizen who resides abroad can obtain this election card. In this article we highlight the process for you to obtain it.

Need Of Voter ID Card In India

Casting vote would have been a simple affair had there not been rigging, cross-voting, and bogus-voting. The Election Commission of India (ECI) was set up with Chief Election Commissioner at its helm. The latter was appointed by the President of India in a bid to ensure elections were free-and-fair.

Many voters had to return home without casting their votes as someone else had done so on their behalf. To check this menace, the governing bodies amended the R.P. Act where Elector’s Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) where issued by the ECI. Each voter with his or her name listed in the electoral roll would be given a voter id card.

Importance Of Voter ID Card

Voter card is essential to cast vote today. It is also important to have the card to:

  • Register your name in the voter’s list if you change your residence in India
  • Include your name in the electoral roll if you’ve got married and changed your surname and place of residence.
  • Buy tickets online, such as railway tickets for AC and non-AC classes. It is also essential to have the photo identity card to buy Tatkal tickets.
  • Get passports or other identity cards. The election card acts as a proof of identity, age, and place of residence.

Hence in a nut shell, voter ID is a special identity card that can help you, as a citizen of India, to avail services that are meant just for the Indians without any hassle.

It is not new that there are many non-residential Indians working in various countries across the world. Some are working for decades while few have just ventured out for study-cum-work option. In any case, there are many NRIs who-

  1. Hold only one citizenship – Indian citizenship
  2. Want to vote in India or possess an ID card to vote
  3. Have a valid passport with an Indian address
  4. Have a suitable authority to certify the place of residence in the foreign land
  5. Have no criminal or offensive records

And, these Indians can apply for their ID card to vote. If they apply correctly, they will not only get their voter ID card but also get their name listed in the electoral roll in the same constituency where the Indian address has been mentioned in the passport.

Eligibility To Apply For A Voter ID Card By An NRI

All NRIs are eligible to have their name on their respective constituency’s voter list if and only if they follow all the three conditions given below:

  • The person should be above 18 years old age.
  • He/she should be the citizen of India as well as have not accepted any foreign country’s citizenship.
  • Lastly, the person had not been debarred by the EC (Election Commission of India) to register for voter id.

After an amendment done to People’s Act of 1950 in the year 2010, all the NRIs get the privilege of having their name on their respective electoral list to their corresponding constituency to the address mentioned on their valid passport. This amendment helped all the Indians residing outside India in foreign countries to get their voter id card specially those who moved out of India due to education, employment or any other reason and have not accepted the citizenship of any other foreign country.

Documents Required For The Registration Of NRI Voter ID Card

  • Two Passport Size Photograph
  • Copy of the visa issued
  • Scanned copy of those pages of the Indian Passport which contains the Identity/ Address/ Age proof of the applicant and should also be attested by the competent officer of the Indian Mission of the country where the applicant currently resides.

Procedure For The Online Registration Of NRI Voter ID Card

All the NRIs have to fill Form 6A in order to get their voter ID cards. Obviously, it is not feasible for the NRIs to come to India and go to their respective ERO. So, in order to get their Voter ID card, they can register themselves by filling the registration form given on the ECI website with the above mentioned documents. Here is a detailed procedure on how to apply for an ID card:

  • Visit your state’s CEO website.
  • Access Form 6A (in the subhead, Overseas Elector)
  • Fill in the form, such as Constituency, District, State, information about the applicant, applicant’s family, visa details, residential address of the applicant living abroad, description of absence, etc
  • Upload the documents to certify the form details. these include soft copies of the Indian passport, address proof of the Indian residence (it must be mentioned in the passport as well), age proof, address of residence abroad (it must be certified by an authority), two passport size photographs.

You have to go to the ‘Overseas Electors’ category to fill the form or can also visit to the www.eci.nic.in to know about their state electoral website.

One has to also upload all the required documents along with Form 6A to get their Voter ID card.

voter id card NRI


There are still a few restrictions for NRIs to cast their vote in their respective constituencies. According to current rules and regulations of Election Commission, one has to be physically present at their respective constituency’s election booth where their names are mentioned in the voter’s list for that particular election booth.

How to Check ID Card Status By NRI

It is possible to also go online and check ID card status without bothering anybody. You need not come to India or contact the Indian Embassy to check the status of your ID card registration. Here is how it works:

  • Visit your state’s CEO website once again.
  • Click ‘Know your status’ link. A series of options are available.
  • Place the appropriate options and key in your Application ID number.

The ID card status is displayed. It may take a couple of months or more to get your electoral card. Check how much will it take to get your ID card or where is your application stuck by going online. Once the electoral card is verified and sanctioned, you will get a dedicated number. You can use this number for getting the election identity card. The verification will also ensure that their name is listed in the electoral roll.

But Can NRI Vote without Landing in India?

The NRI must be available in India to cast the vote. In fact, he or she must be present in the constituency and visit the polling booth to cast the vote. There is no possibility of voters to cast their votes in postal ballot.

Nevertheless, ID card is a valuable entity for NRI as they can show the card to buy apartments, open bank account in India, and much more. It is also a prestigious card which says that you are a valuable citizen of India – even though you may be working or living abroad. For any issues and concerns, you can always refer this card. That’s the reason why NRIs apply for the voter ID card and update their names in the voter list.

With everything going digital and the Indian Government embracing the online way of applications in all field from education to documentation, applying for voter ID card online is also simplified and has further increased the scope of voter registration. Even NRIs can apply for voter ID card online without having to visit the ERO in India. This comes with certain conditions though.

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How to Apply for Voter ID Card Online in Mumbai?

Mumbai, the city of dreams and also the financial capital of India. This city is a prominent part of the state of Maharashtra and a hub of glamour and entertainment industry. Bollywood resides here and also millions of dreams along with the people who bring them along to this beautiful city. This city has tremendous importance for India and therefore, the voters of Mumbai must take their duty of voting really seriously. It is of utmost importance that a legit and highly functional government and leaders are elected to run this city of dreams, so that the interests of millions living here and the fate of the infrastructure is handled with utmost care and priority.

how to get your voter id card in Mumbai and vote in the coming assembly elections



In the month of October, Maharashtra would witness the start of Assembly elections 2014. Therefore, here is your chance to vote and make your opinion count. Your chance to elect a government that is honest and works towards the interests of all the residents of Mumbai. Hence, to help you ensure that you get a chance to vote without any obstacles, here is a guide about Voter ID Card Online in Mumbai. We would enlist all the steps by which you can get your name registered in voter list 2014 Mumbai and also receive your voting card by applying online on the CEO Maharashtra website.

How to Apply for Voter ID Card Online in Mumbai?

To get your voter id card in Mumbai, you can apply online for inclusion of your name into the voters’ list 2014 of your constituency. The form you need to fill(available on the CEO Maharashtra website) is called the election commission of India form no. 6. Just type in ‘ceo.maharashtra.gov.in’ in the address bar of your internet browser and browse around the website interface. On the top of the homepage, there is an options array. The third option on this options array, reads: – ‘Online Voter Registration‘. Once you click this option, you would be presented with all the election commission voter forms that could be filled and submitted online. The available online forms on the CEO Maharashtra website are as follows: –

  • Form 6- Application for new voters in Mumbai and all the other cities of Maharashtra.
  • Form 6A- Application for inclusion of name for overseas or NRI voters.
  • Form 7- Application for the objection on any inclusion of name of the voter list.
  • Form 8- Application for correction of Voter list entries.
  • Form 8A- Application for transposition of entry into the voter list(Required if you are moving to a new address within the same constituency).

how to apply online for voter id card Mumbai

If you wish to get your name in the Voter List 2014 of Mumbai and hence receive your voter id card, just click on the Form 6 option. Then you would be taken to a page where you have to select ‘Maharashtra’ from a list of all the states and then provide your valid mobile number and e-mail address. Once done. click on ‘proceed’. You would then immediately receive a security code on your mobile number, as a SMS message and also on the e-mail address you provided. You have to provide the same code on the same page where you are re-directed after clicking ‘proceed’. Once successfully registered, you would be able to fill the online version of form no. 6. If you do not receive the verification code neither on your mobile nor on your e-mail id then, you can click on ‘re-send confirmation code’ on the same page. Please note that you can request this re-send option as many as 5 times but not more than that.

How to fill the Online Form No. 6 for Voter ID Card Mumbai?

Once you enter the correct confirmation code, you would be taken to the online version of the form no. 6 for inclusion of name to the voter list 2014 in Mumbai. The first section you would have to fill is ‘Page 1′. On this page, you have to select your state i.e Maharashtra. Then you have to select your district i.e Mumbai City-23/Mumbai Suburban-22 or any other district to which you belong.

Then select your assembly constituency. You would also have to mention the applicant’s name and surname in English as well as the regional language. Once you have filled all these fields completely, just hit ‘save’ and you can come back later to complete your application and update it any point of time. A unique application id would also be generated, which could be used to check your application status in Mumbai in the future. If you want to complete your application, just visit the page 1 of online form 6 again and click ‘continue’. You would then be taken to the remaining sections of the online form.

On the page 2 of the form, you have to upload your photograph(this would then appear on your newly issued voter id card) and mention your relation’s name(husband/father). Similarly, when all the sections of this form are willed correctly with no mandatory field left, you application would be considered complete to be reviewed by the election officers. If you did not upload the verification documents, it would not lead to rejection of your application. This is because, you can present all the required proof documents to the Booth level officer when he pays a visit to your residence for verification and signatures.

apply online for your voter id card online in Mumbai

How to Check Voter ID Card Mumbai Status?

Once you have successfully filled the application form no. 6 for voter id card in Mumbai, it is important to keep yourself updated with its status. Checking the application status gives an idea about the rejection and acceptance of your submission. It also helps you know that when can you expect the BLO to visit your residence and verify your identity in order to complete your bid to become a legit voter in Mumbai and get your voter id card issued.

To check this status, you need to have your unique application id which was generated after completion of your online application form on CEO Maharashtra website. One the homepage of the same website, you would find a section called ‘Citizen’s Corner‘. In this section, you find all the latest updates from the CEO’s end. Among all these update, there would be an option to check the status of new forms(Part-wise and Name-wise). Click part-wise option and you would have to enter the following info to check the status of your form: –

  • District.
  • AC.
  • Part number.
  • Form type.
  • Date/period of filing the application.

Once all this information is entered, you would be able to view the status of your application form. Below are the direct links where you can check the status: –

Status of forms(Part-wise): – https://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/Claims/ShowApplicantsForm.aspx

Voter ID Card Application status(Name-wise): – https://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/Form6search/

Both of the above links help you check the application status for forms filled in Mumbai or any city of Maharashtra from 1st August 2014 on-wards. The combination of all the above mentioned steps for online application would surely help you realize your aspiration of becoming a voter in Mumbai and hence make your opinion count by electing the deserving and efficient government for the state of Maharashtra. This way, you complete one of the most important duties for being a citizen of India. The need and importance of voting in the Assembly elections 2014 is immense. Therefore, you must not take voter registration lightly and rather proceed towards completing all the formalities as soon as possible.



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How to Check Your Voter ID Card Status on Ceoandhra.nic.in?

Andhra Pradesh recently witnessed some major geographical and political transformations in the face of the separation of Telangana as a different state from AP. Apart from this major change in the social landscape of the state, the democratic politics of Andhra Pradesh has always seen the active participation of the citizens. Huge voter turn-outs and election of worthy candidates has only proven this fact well. So a year round schedule of by-elections, assembly elections, general elections, etc.(whichever nearer) there are some really important tasks relating to Voter ID Card that the Andhra Pradesh voters should be aware of. The one we talk about, in this article, is the process of checking status of your voter id card application on ceoandhra.nic.in which is the official website of CEO Andhra Pradesh.

Check Your Voter ID Card Application Status on Ceoandhra.nic.in

If you have recently filled the voter id card form no. 6 for inclusion of your name to the voter list your Andhra Pradesh constituency then you must keep a constant check on your application status. This would help you give an idea of the stage at which your application is being processed or has it been rejected. It would also help you give a fair idea about the tentative date on which the BLO of your area would visit your residence in order to verify your identity and collect the identity, age and date of birth documents required to complete your new voter application.

check status of your voter id card application on ceoandhra.nic.in

The Status Search Page on Ceoandhra.nic.in

The status of your application id could be easily checked on ceoandhra.nic.in

Once you type in the given url in the address bar of your internet browser, you would be taken to the homepage of the official CEO Andhra website. On that homepage, you would see a host of options on the top. One of the most important options for the voters is, ‘E-Registration’. Once you bring your mouse cursor over this option, you would see a secondary list of options that drop down. The options are as follows: –

  • Help(Step by step guide that tells you how to fill the online form 6 and how to check the application status.
  • Form-6(New enrollment) Click this option if you wish to apply online for your voter id card Andhra.
  • Form-7(Objection to inclusion of name) Click and fill this form online if you wish to get a name other than yours, deleted from the voters’ list. You should have a valid reason to object that name.
  • Form-8(Correct your card) This option is for the voters with incorrect details on their voter id cards or in the voter lists. You can correct a wrong photograph, incorrect spelling of your name or incorrect age/d.o.b/address on your voter id card by filling this form.
  • Form-8A(Transpose your card) If you have just shifted to another address which lies in the same constituency, you can fill this form in order to transpose your voter list entry and the voter id card.
  • Form-6A(NRI Voters) This is the online form for the registration of NRI voters in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Know your status(This is the option which helps you know the status of your voter id card application in AP). This is the option you need to select on ceoandhra.nic.in in order to know the stage at which your application is being processed and whether or not everything was correctly filled in your application form.

Once you click the option, ‘Know your status’ you would reach the status search engine of CEO Andhra Pradesh online. You can search the status of your application by either using application id or your house number. You would have to select the desired option. Once this selection is made, just enter the application id/house no. and click search. You would then see the search results with your name, relation’s name, age, house no., ac no., part no. and status. Under the status column, you can click ‘check status’. You would then be able to view the status of your application. In case the status shows that something went wrong with your application, you can contact the CEO Andhra Pradesh helpline number 1950(Toll Free)

Search Your Name in Voter List Andhra Pradesh Online

On ceoandhra.nic.in, you can also check your name in the voter list 2014 of your constituency in Andhra Pradesh. There in the same options bar where you found the ‘E-Registration’ tab, you would be able to find an option called ‘Search your name‘. Just click this option and select or enter all the information asked on the landing page. The information you need to enter in order to search your name is: –

  • District Name.
  • AC(Assembly Constituency name). If you do not know this, there is an option on the same page which helps you know the same.
  • House no.
  • Name.
  • Photo identity card number.
  • Gender.

Once all of this is entered and the ‘search’ button is clicked, the user would be able to know whether or not his/her name exists in the voters list of the mentioned constituency in Andhra Pradesh, You would also be able to view all the voter details that (if)entered in the voter list. In this way, you would be able to check for any errors in these details if they are present. In case any of the voter details are found to be incorrect, you can very fill the Form No. 8 for correction of card on ceoandhra.nic.in e-registration service.

Check name in the Anhdra Pradesh Voter List on ceoandhra.nic.in

The Voter List Search Engine page on ceoandhra.nic.in

Know Your Booth Level Officer(BLO) in Andhra Pradesh

Since the BLO of your area is the in-charge of verifying the applicants’ identities and their documents hence, it is important for you to keep in touch with the booth level officer of your area in Andhra Pradesh once you have applied for voter id card registration either online or offline. You can access the contact details of BLOs in AP on ceoandhra.nic.in You can also access the location details of all the e-seva kendras in Andhra on this website. The e-seva centers seek to speed up the registration process for the voters. If you need any kind of assistance relating to voter id card or voter list in Andhra, you can visit the voter help centers set up by the Election Commission of Andhra Pradesh or your local ERO too. Here are the links you can use in order to access the above mentioned officers/institutions.

Know your BLOs in Andhra Pradesh and their contact details(select your district and AC first): – http://ceoaperms.ap.gov.in/BloDetails/SearchBLO.aspx

List of E-Seva centers in Andhra: – http://ceoandhra.nic.in/E_Seva_Centres/ESeva_Centers_18102012.pdf

Know your ERO AP(select your district on the landing page: – http://ceoaperms.ap.gov.in/Ero_search/Ero_Details.aspx

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