ldf 2016 winning chances in the kerala assembly elections

kerala assembly elections -ldf 2016 winning chances

ldf 2016

ldf 2016

what are the possibilities of ldf 2016 in the kerala assembly elections ?, will left democratic front will back in rule 2016 kerala elections ?. ldf leaders are very much confidence about the 2016 kerala assembly results. all the major survey results are in favor of ldf, only one election survey said udf will continue the rule. asianet c4 survey predicted that ldf will back in rule, they have found a vote shift in minority voters. we can check here about the winning chances of ldf 2016.

history of kerala assembly is in favor of left democratic front. yes, usually keralites chooses ldf and udf alternatively. once it udf next its ldf, so the history of kerala assembly indicates that next will be ldf. udf is currently ruling and their election campaign is ” valaranam ee naadu thudaranam ee bharanam “. left democratic front is leading with the caption ” ldf varum ellam shariyakum “.

professional approach in election campaign – ldf and cpm is very much active in print and visual media with catching advertisements. the election caption ” ldf varum ellam shariyakum ” attracted mass and all their promotions getting good response. ldf using social media also, all the popular leaders are now active in facebook, twitter etc. cpm is utilizing the possibilities of social media, recently vs achuthanandan opened official website and social media pages. now vs is a glittering star in social media like facebook and twitter.

unity in cpm and ldf – its the major fact, all the cpm leaders are now very much active in election campaigns and senior leaders like pinaryi and vs doing excellent jobs. vs achuthanandan is now giving spot replies to media persons. bdjs party is helping cpm in this election, asianet survey results showing that there is a clean shift in minority votes.

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